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How to Choose the Best Garage Door

11/04/2013 Back To Blog

Many consumers with ignorance about garage door technical specifications are under the impression that by paying a lot of money, they can get the best door. Undoubtedly, good money buys excellent quality garage doors but are they going to be the appropriate ones for your own property? Do they match with the rest of the house? Do they fulfill the criteria of your expectations and the requirements of your neighborhood and location? Are they compatible with the other garage door parts or you hear noises from the first day of the installation? Specialists at Garage Door Repair Winnetka recommend spending some time to discover your needs and write down the characteristics of the ideal door before you buy one. 

Do you need replacement or just service?

Have you ever thought that you might not need to replace the door but just garage door service? Many people never care to inspect their mechanisms, do the necessary repairs and when the door gets too noisy, they decide to buy a new one. Things are not so simple and doors are not replaced every other weekend.

• Rule number one: take a closer look of the door and all its parts in order to understand the origins of the problems. Your main concern is to see whether you can avoid replacement with some repairs.

• Rule number two:maintenance must take place every year in order to avoid the hassle or run the risk of accidents and enforced garage door replacement.

Garage doors must be strong

If you do need new garage door installation, make sure you get the right door by focusing on five major factors.

1. Material. The material must be durable enough to resist elements and any external threats ranging from intruders to hurricanes. Therefore, it would depend mostly on the external weather conditions of your location and the crime rates of your neighborhood.

2. Insulation. Get a door with elevate R-Value. It would mean the door is sufficiently insulated offering great temperatures in your house.

3. Dimensions. Pay attention to the new dimensions of the door. Measurements must be taken with accuracy and if the new door would be heavier, you should replace the springs and possibly the opener, too.

4. Aesthetics. Choose a color that you like and matches your house.

5. Eco-friendly. Select green doors made by recycled materials.

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