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What type of garage door opener is best?

The choice of garage door opener is completely dependent on the specific requirements of your home. Garage Door Repair Winnetka suggests that heavier wood doors are generally better suited to chain drive models of openers. If your garage is underneath a bedroom, you may prefer an opener with quieter operation such as a belt driven system. Restrictions in headroom can usually be accommodated with a more specialized opener such as a jackshaft or a side mounted opener.

What is an R-value?

The R-value of a door is a measurement of its thermal efficiency. The higher the number of R-value, the better you will find the grade of insulation. This provides a quick and visual illustration of how well the door is insulated. Garage Door Repair Winnetka suggests that the insulation value should not be overlooked. It can be an important factor especially if the garage is attached to the home and it is directly adjacent or below living space. Even if your garage is not attached, if you spend considerable time in the garage, you may appreciate an insulated door to better regulate the internal temperature of your garage.

When should I replace my garage door opener?

Generally, you don’t have to replace a garage door opener until you end up replacing the entire garage door itself. However, in rare instances the garage door opener can short out, which makes it a hazard. If you believe it is too dangerous to fix, replacement is better.

What types of tests does my garage door need?

You need to test the spring system at least twice a year, preferably in the spring and fall, as part of regular maintenance. If the tension is not enough to counterbalance the door or it is too great, it has to be adjusted. The safety sensors need testing more often, every three months at least. The opener’s force should also be tested once in the spring and once in the fall.

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