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Project Managing Garage Door Installation

Customers can be a moody lot, though there are some things which make them sit up and take a look at the specifications on paper before deciding on anything. Usually, you either get an immediate go-signal or they take a long time to decide. There are a lot of variables to be considered in buying a garage door. At garage door repair Winnetka, we understand that this is a major decision. It's not like their deciding to buy a garage door based on the color alone. Any number of garage door service providers can just paint the garage door according to a customer's specifications.

Among other things, a customer would think of the house before deciding on the garage door. In some instances, the age of the house has a direct bearing on the type of door to be installed, besides any cost putting up additional support for the door. Some garages are old and need a better and stronger door frame. There's no use installing a garage door if the frame cannot support the weight.

The door design is also another consideration. In the grand scheme of things, I would not put this on top or near the top of the criteria. Garage door panels can look good even if they are a fashion disaster. We can always paint it with the right color. Unfortunately for the customer, they feel that the design has to follow the house's general design.

Equipment space is also another consideration although it is something we would like to discuss with the owner with a measuring tape handy. This is to make sure that the levers, hinges, arms, cables and the door itself all have enough space to move. This is usually the least of the problems, but clients do want to make sure that there are no overhead spaces or no additional civil works which need to be done.

We have a range of materials, colors and designs from different manufacturers and we can usually meet the client's wishes. It should not be a problem whatever the client chooses. What would be a disaster is when there is a need for some remodeling after the customer has already signed the order. That means that we did not do our job properly. This is not a deal breaker, but it will extend the timeframe a little bit more. What we want to happen is to get in, install, test and finish. This is also what the customer usually wants. He wants to have the garage door installed as soon as possible.

Getting to the point where the project is almost finished is not that easy. However, we try to do a clean job and also ensure that the garage door would not break or that the frame does not collapse. If it holds up well, we should have several years of worry-free maintenance ahead of us.

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